Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Now Slaying in The Bay 2


Stressors is a group of upstanding young gentlemen from the suburbs surrounding the East Bay and, like their forebears of the 1980’s, they are busily showing up the city kids by playing fast, loud, mean hardcore steeped in discomfort and frustration. I have similar feelings about this band that I did growing up and seeing Chicago acts like The Repos, Fourteen or Fight or No Slogan: these dudes play straightforward USHC “the way it was meant to be done” but go beyond just nailing a time-honed formula. There’s a dark, ugly abyss rolling the always-satisfying combinations of breakdowns and scissor beats that makes Stressors stand out from the crowd of decent-to-good USHC acts around today. These dudes are making a profoundly fucked contribution to modern hardcore. Awesome.

Wild Moth

Noisy and wistful pop cranked through tortured amps cranked to maximum awesome. Wild Moth wastes no time in making with a cacophony of hooks and croons whose assault on your eardrums leaves a sticky residue in your brain. Pretty, almost bubblegum components are thrown together in a manic frenzy. The result is an absurdly satisfying fusion of big, lush songs played with a bare bones DiY fundamentalist aesthetic. More plz?

Your Enemy

Overwhelmingly fast and brutal grind from Oakland’s Lower Bottoms, Your Enemy, simply put, slays the motherfucking shit out of anyone within earshot of their brutal sensory assault. Featuring 3 members with a pedigree that includes such varsity-level sonic destructors as ThousandsWillDie and Circle of Eyes. They’ve got a demo up online for your listening pleasure, as well as their half of their upcoming split with HumanxWaste, a band soon to be featured here.


Bruxers is a new band out of San Jose who, as their first recordings are still getting ready to come out, have already made a name for themselves smearing audience’s faces in their nasty encrusted death metal around the bay. Truly unholy and rotten, Bruxers combine the brutal tonalities and breakneck speeds of old-school death metal with gnarly, doomish crust sensibilities and a raw, DiY aesthetic. This shit is absolutely not to be missed. Watch for their recordings on Deific Mourning and Gay Scientist Recordings in 2012.

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