Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Strike a Match-demo (2012)

True story: one of my friends saw Fugazi (or was it Bikini Kill? Sorta the same band in a lot of ways-those of you who disagree, read some other blog) at Chicago's Aragon Ballroom back in the early '90s. Pearl Jam had just broken big, and Eddie Vedder was shouting the good name of Ian MacKaye et. al./Kathleen Hanna et. al. from the rooftops. So a bunch of fratboys were there, catcalling the riot grrrls. Of course, they had picked the wrong bunch of women to fuck with, and a fight ensued. Problem was, the riot grrls thought that my friend-a Marxist and noise musician-was one of the frat boys, and they beat the living shit out of him instead of the shitbird frat guys.

You might like Strike a Match if you like Fugazi. Although they sound like they have a better sense of humor than Ian et. al. ever did (that's a compliment, fellas). They're from Oslo. I apologize to them, as this thing washed up in my inbox back in February and they've since broken up.

Check it out here.

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