Friday, November 9, 2012

Alone & Forsaken XV(?)-After Hours.

Oh, hi folks. Lookit me! It's November, we've got 4 more years of Mr. Kill List at the White House, and here's another installment in the ongoing Alone & Forsaken series.

I've got a whole buncha shit I been meanin' to review for dis heer blog (Preludes, Opus Null, etc. etc.) but I've been grading undergraduate exams and answering questions such as "So is it a good argument to say that the United States has lived up to its ideals in the War on Terror because we successfully and peacefully captured bin Laden?" [I'm not making this up. This is a slice of what's racing through the minds of the brilliant young Americans that call themselves my students.]. Needless to say, having fun (that is, taking painkillers, guzzling vodka, writing bad record reviews and convincing girls at bars to make out with me) has had to take a backseat to, ah, work.

Anyways, here's a beautiful slice of autumnal melancholy and misery to ease you through those tired, grey nights spent alone drinking $2 box wine 'cause yr too blitzed and gutpit depressed to think of anything creative to do with your apathy. Er, yeah.

Warning!: This is tuff tunes for tuff times that is best imbibed drunk and/or wasted on whatever shitty drugs you can find before you crawl home for the evening. Now sit alone and cry to this raw shit.

y'know you love it.

1. Beat Happening-Other Side
2. Beach House-Saltwater
3. The Velvet Underground-Candy Says (Closet Mix)
4. Tom Waits-Blind Love
5. Sun Kill Moon-Heron Blue
6. The Middle Class-Everything
7. The Mekons-Lost Highway (Hank Williams cover)
8. The Mountain Goats-Color in Yr Cheeks
9. Pink Reason-Dead End
10. J.T. IV-In the Can
11. Glass Cake-truly
12. Elliott Smith-2:45 A.M.
13. Daniel Johnston-True Love Will Find You in the End

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