Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Bezzoommies-Garmata EP (2012)

I shoulda spun this EP in 2012 'cause it woulda been in my Top Ten for last year. I'm four beers into the evening and it's just what I need: mid-tempo, sludgy garage rock with a singer who vaguely resembles the dood from DER TPK: atonal, Eastern European howl-singing.
"Madonna's Dead" is a squalling mess shaped by anarchopunk-style guitar fuzz and humblebumble rhythmic movements that don't really constitute rhythm.
The middle tracks are a mixture of ambitious psych noodlings and clangorous punk brattiness. The standout is the closer, "St. Magdalene Girls." The psych-punk stumblings gel into a beautiful mess: 7 minutes of cavernous, squalling spite worthy of the Electric Eels. Halfway through it enters even weirder ground, a sort of could-be-Velvet Underground territory where most of the instruments fall out so that you hafta focus on the shuffling guitar magikry. The Bezzoommies make ya work'n' wait for it but fuck is this song great.

Hang out with The Bezzoommies HERE. Make sure to check out their TOHIC+ EP, which they released just last week. Very cool new noise from Ukraine.

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