Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Mirrorism-s/t LP (2014)

Everyone's favorite Ferrarese really pulled it all together for this LP. 2012's Fly Eye EP was a bundle of messy ideas; this LP is a single idea developed over nine individual tracks. The band traverses a good amount of ground here, from dub to squalling proto-grunge, without sounding derivative.

"I Cracked" bounces and rattles its way through a song structure dangerously close to jam band territory. Never fear though: halfway through it slams into aggro jitterrock worthy of The Ex. In fact, the Ex are a good reference point for where Mirrorism is at now: they're not ripping off the Ex, but they have the same talent at mixing genres in an abrasive way all their own. "Again" floats in and out of focus, the guitar a razor-thin line on the horizon, while "Nihilistic Pillow" is caustic cretin hop worthy of the No New York knuckleheads. "Exciting" is the stand out track of the LP: opening with mid-tempo bass sputter that gradually widens into something Sonic Youth coulda done during the Daydream Nation era, complete with talk-sung Thurston Moore-isms. It's a beautiful song for springtime, somewhere between grunge irony and emo (real emo, i.e. Rites of Spring) earnestness.

Apparently Mirrorism is on hiatus for the time being, which is unfortunate since their sound crystallized on this LP. In any case, you should check it out!

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