Thursday, November 3, 2011

Alone & Forsaken IV: In a lonely place.

 "Hidden cracks that don't show/they just constantly grow..."-Elliott Smith, "2:45'

It's finally almost cold enough to start rockin' ye olde black
leather motorcyle jacket out in these here parts, so it's probably also time for a small dollop of misery to start emanating from yonder mediafire files while you sip some box wine and sink deeper into autumnal malaise, dontcha say?

Enjoy, dear fux.

The Cure-The Hanging Garden
Xeno & Oaklander-Shadow World
The Hands of Cain-In a Dark Cell
Metro Decay-Iaonio (itunes butchered the song title, sorry)
Total Control-Love Performance
Twent Four Hour World K 7
Joy Div-Isolation
Autumn-Not Afraid to Die
Iggy-Tiny Girls
Blank Dogs-Racing Backwards
Maria Minerva-California Scheming

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