Tuesday, November 22, 2011

(Young) Pioneers-We March! 7" EP (1995)

Please don't misunderstand this. I'm not going folky on ya, nor am I a huge (Young) Pioneers fan...in fact, I find their LP downright obnoxious. The whole folk punk movement was and is fucking stupid; back when I was 17 or so, I was real into dressin' all in black and acting like I was part of some sort of political movement.
I wasn't. Even more so than most sub-niches of punk, folk punk was and probably always will be a haven for overprivileged white kids (like micelf, natch!) who feel super-duper guilty about being...uh...white and overprivileged...and take it out by dressing like hobos and signing about...being hobos.

But this EP Is fucking great. In fact, Billy Bragg and Joe Strummer's Mescaleroes work aside (which really ain't part of the American folk punk schtick anyways), this is all you need to hear from this end of the punk spectrum. (Young) Pioneers specialized in poorly-constructed, ramshackle and "heartfelt", mildy distorted anthems about...uh...whatever Vermiform Rex bands sang about. Politics? Point is, usually this was an annoying formula but for whatever reason these four songs are majestically inept, instead of just boring and smug.

The guns of New Year's Eve. I bought this off Martin, the singer for crudos/Limp Wrist, when Straightjacket Nation toured the States...good luck scroungin' a copy, and no, youse cants haves mines!

*EDIT, 9.15.12: I reup'd the file. Get it HERE. *


  1. Nice work!!! This blog is great to find a little music of punk or another genres, I love this! I will add you!! ;)

  2. Thanks man! Hope this blog functions as an outlet for a whole buncha weird, new stuff for ya....