Sunday, July 1, 2012

Horrible Houses-Kathy EP (2012)

'Nother Sunday, 'nother hangover, 'nother Horrible Houses EP to review. I'm in fine Grumpy Gus mode, so this one'll be short.

 If you've been reading Drug Punk for any length of time, you've prolly stumbled upon previous reviews of previous HH releases. If you dug the earlier ones, you'll dig this: dude's up to his same 'ole tricks. Extended guitar noodlings over basic (like, hi-hat 'n' snare basic) drummin', talk-hummed singing. Meandering tunes with sweet melodies buried just beneath the surface. I think I  like "Kathy (Psychic Ending" more than "The Yellow House," but there's something enchanting about the prolonged, minimal 10 minutes of "Yellow House" such that it's all I've been playin' today.

For some reason I'm always hungover when reviewing HH work, and it's pretty good hangover material 'cause it's avantgarde in a non-noisy way. That said I'm gonna go stick my head in a bucket of ice and chill out, y'dig? Whatever.

You can listen to the two tracks over at the HH Soundcloud page. Y'know you wanna. Do it.

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