Friday, March 23, 2012

Horrible Houses-Bullet Proof Nothing EP (2012)

*note: The image to the left has nothing to do with Horrible Houses; it showed up on a Google search of "horrible houses" and registers not at all with the one-man band outta Sweden. Deal with it. Ponx!*

It's 9 pm California time, and I've been drinking since 7. For some of you, that means crackin' a brew or two and gettin' loose with crew, but for me, dat means gettin' hyphy and not rememberin' what I say in dis heer blog powst.

Anyhoo, I think that this is the fourth Horrible Houses EP I've reviewed for Drug Punk. I should have a pretty good understanding of dis guy, but I don't. Says more for my aural aphasia than HH's incomprehensibility, but here we are, yeh?

Yeh. Personally, I fucking hate the Beatles, so I dunno why dude chose to use the subtitle "Beatles drum take" for the opener, "Bullet Proof Nothing." The song stands on its own. Super-duper-simple, bare-bones snare drum and echoing guitar notes set this tune apart: "waitin' for the morning ship that never came...."

Second song, "Walk it off," is, I swear to fugginchrist, resurrected from some 1964-era Chicago garage: echoing Farfisa organ single-note ricochet, repeated guitar line, minimal percussion, quietly-stated, oft-repeated guitar notes.....1960s! Shit! It goes on for 8 minutes, far longer than this Drug Punk has patience or brain cells for, but I've has also concluded that "Walk it off" is perfect musick fer scoopin' out dee ladeez at thee universitee-classez, y'dig? Nah. Didnthinkso.

"Dead Surfer's Valentine" is so fucking epic, it's almost cinematic. Opening with a wicked faded surf-guitar line, it incorporates '60s cinematic airplane noizes, the usual Horrible Houses super-minimal drumming, and what I think are humming airplane engine drone tunes. Fucking righteous, yeah?

Yo son we got beef.

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