Monday, March 5, 2012

Jimmy Files-The Nazz LP (2011)

Birmingham, Alabama's Jimmy Files drops eleven tracks that vary wildly on this, I believe his first, outing. Opening with a churning, crunching bit of garage hiss ("Low Lane"), the album shapes up a bit on "sad eyes," with identifiable guitar lines and an offbeat rhythm. "Sad Buddha" showcases the synth-ier end of the album: droning, distorted guitar notes hum around synth yawnings and muttered asides that are indecipherable.

The second half of the album feels like a series of half-sketched ideas, with pulsing beats and thoroughly trashed distortion everywhere. "Alien Kids" is the best track here, with a coherent rhythm (as in, it sounds like it's trying to fall apart), and sort of reminds me of Horrible Houses.  "Be a Lover!" is, frankly, self-indulgent acoustic wankery.

Overall, there's some interesting stuff on here, and if you're into the sort of lo-fi scuzz frequent on Drug Punk, you'll prolly dig it. Peeps it here.

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