Monday, March 5, 2012

Crimson Scarlet-Sanctuary 7" (2011)

The idea of a goth punk band like Crimson Scarlet hailing from Santa Barbara is wildly implausible-isn't it too nice out for the black rain jackets, most of the year?

Whatever, Crimson Scarlet cruises through two tracks of crisp, well-constructed death rock/goth/whateverthefuck on this 7". I'm not really an expert on the genre-really, the Mob is where it starts and ends for me-but the record's a good argument for quality over quantity: "Sanctuary" has a driving, catchy surf riff, and "Two Kinds of Red" goes in for a dirge-y somnolence that for some reason reminds me of Southern Death Cult, despite the female vox.

Fans of Cemetery will prolly dig this album, which you can hear and buy here.

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