Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Outlook outlook

Just had the extreme pleasure of getting my dome rocked by Olympia, WA's Outlook at Oakland funplex The Hive the other night. I don't know what it is about Oly hardcore these days but everything that I've been hearing recently has been executed at an extremely high level of awesome. Weird TV, Hysterics, White Wards, and Crude Thought have all been a fucking thrill to discover over the past couple years, and now Outlook has blasted their way onto that list without a doubt.

Both live and recorded these kids fucking RAGE playing hardcore that's as aggro as your teenage older bro and as prog-damaged as your weird burnout aunt. They've got a new LP out called Our Time is Now as well as a couple of EPs all sporting absolutely raging politically radical, positive hardcore that is fiercely anti-generic. Tasteful gang vocals? Not just a possibility dear readers, but a fucking REALITY.

And if you're not twertching out with excitement already, Outlook is currently on an absolutely gargantuan US tour that has only just begun. So, if you live in the U$A, they're probably gonna be utterly slaying at a punk rock haven near you! Peep the approximately 300 tour dates below and cruise over to the Outlook site for more info AND free streams n' downloads AND a tour journal AND other stuff too. YEAH.

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