Saturday, March 24, 2012

Alone & Forsaken XI: Over the Edge.

Having decided to descend from the Ivory Tower for a few days' revelry, I'm off to the Bay tomorrow for hijinks and low comedy (in that order).

I may or may not be posting in a drugged blur while Bayside, but in the meantime, here's a mix I made for the road trip.

Get weird.

1. Social Unrest-Rush Hour
2. Ultimo Resorte-Cemeterio Caliente
3. Raspberry Bulbs-I Will Not Pretend.
4. The Wipers-Over the Edge
5. The Vaselines-Son of a Gun
6. The Ropes-Down in Flames
7. Royal Headache-Eloise
8. Teenagers-I want to know
9. Tennis-Baltimore
10. Warsaw-They Walked in Line
11. The Vyllies-Ahia

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