Sunday, March 11, 2012

Honeycomb Bones-s/t EP (2012)

Hull, England's Honeycomb Bones dishes out four tracks of swaggering, tightly constructed psych rock on their third EP (for reviews of the first two, check out Dirty Sex Karma's review).

Opening with moaning, hissing feedback, "Catherine's Wheels" dives straight into a deep, chugging, freaked out riff with the singer talk-singing incantations in between tambourine claps-I really like the hypnotically repetitive dual guitar lines. "Devil in the Detail" is more of the same, although less suffocating: casually strummed acoustic guitar punctuate the distortion fog.

"Penny Black" reminds me of nothing so much as Joy Division's "As you said:' it's probably the pulsing beat overlaid with barely distorted guitar, although the beat here is more subtle than B. Albrecht's concoction. "Illuminator" is a rousing conclusion to the EP, with a full-on psychedelic freakout that has a snazzy, gunshot-sharp beat laying out a dance groove.

Honeycomb Bones won me over with this, and I recommend checking 'em out-you can download the EP here, and get info on shows/releases/etc. here.

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