Sunday, October 14, 2012

Big Swamp Thunder-s/t CS (2012)

I haven't had a coherent thought in several days, and generally, in these situations, I blast some noise until clarity returns.

Rochester's Big Swamp Thunder are perfect for a little cathartically distorted oblivion. Found sounds, atonal shouting, distortion that sounds like insects: these are just some of the many delights awaiting thee, dear listener, on their debut tape.

"In Virtue" opens with some savage skronk that could be an outtake from the "No New York" comp: shrill horns, breaking glass, and what sounds like someone clacking away on a videogame console. "Gargantuan Pfailure" opens with tape hiss that eventually develops (sorta) into noodling insectoidal noises and a meandering bass that gets pummeled back into the ground by clickclack drumming.

Big Swamp Thunder could adequately be described as sounding like how a panic attack feels: everything's moving fast, in no set direction, nothing stops long enough to impose order. But anyway, it washed some of the bad shit outta my head and I can get back to reading about medieval legal disputes. Fun!

Listen here. Then go buy the tape over at Anonymous Dog Records!

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  1. seeing these guys live is like going through all the levels of hell.