Saturday, October 27, 2012

Marked Men/Birthday Suits-Seven Inches for your Ex split EP (2009)

Denton, Texass' The Marked Men are one of the best garage punk bands of the last ten years. If you haven't heard them yet (what's wrong with ya? Seriously.), this is as good an introduction as any.

"Lost it All" opens with a sick, chugging guitar riff to introduce a tale of, well, losing it all, apparently in a fight. The bouncy rhythm will keep you either dancing or shuffling in place, depending on your hangover level this fine Saturday morning. Marked Men have been playing together for years, and it's amazing how focused the instruments are: no excess notes, no errant snares, nothin' but trebly, nervous hooks. "Oh My Pretty Face" slows it down a bit; it almost sounds like a pisstake on a Buzzcocks song.

Minneapolis' Birthday Suits contribute two songs to their side, "Jarrasha Be" and "It's About Time." "Jarrasha Be" could be a Go-Gos outtake: it has that big, boisterous beat I associate with Benatar & CO., but the guitar and vocals are all snarling, razor-wire punk nastiness. "It's About Time" is more contorted garage punk.

The EP is sold out, but check out Nice & Neat Records for other cool stuff. Blow yr eardrums out with Marked Men & Birthday Suits HERE.


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  2. I've been searching for this, but it looks like I missed it by a year...