Thursday, January 10, 2013

Alone & Forsaken XVI: Teaching you the Fear

Hey hey, whaddayaknow, kiddies? 'Nother mix, this time a primer in American Hardcore. Most of you probably know the bands featured herein, but maybe some 13 year-old kid will stumble upon this and it'll prevent him or her from identifying "punk" with Fall Out Boy. It could happen...if you're an aging (21 or above) punk like myself, on the other hand, get blackout drunk and slamdance around yr room to these classics. 19 songs in 33 minutes.

Flex your Head!

1. SSD-Boiling Point
2. The Fix-'Cos the Elite
3. the Ropes-Down in Flames
4. Middle Class-Situations
5. The Observers-Walk Alone
6. Youth Brigade (LA)-Violence
7. The Germs-Circle One
8. Adolescents-Wrecking Crew
9 Social Unrest-Making Room for Youth
10. Circle Jerks-Back Against the Wall
11. Artificial Peace-Wasteland
12. The Dicks-Lifetime Problems
13. None of the Above (N.O.T.A.)-Propaganda Control
14. Millions of Dead Cops (M.D.C.)-Born to Die
15. Opinion Zero-Mass Society/Pawn to Futility
16. Reagan Youth-U.S.A.
17. Hoax-Faggot
18. Negative Approach-Negative Approach
19. Cro-Mags-Survival of the Streets

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