Sunday, January 6, 2013

Mirrorism-Fly Eye EP (2012)

 Mirrorism is a Ferrarese three-piece trafficking in slow-burn psych punk. Sometimes plodding, sometimes awkward, this EP's a lot of fun towards the end. "S.P.O.W." is a lumbering composition of heavy bass, soft drumming, and erratic guitar that drops out, dub-style, only to come shooting back into the mix with staccato bursts.

"Slow Homo" deepens the groove: centered around the drums, the song coulda been written by a math rock band that smoked too much weed and came up with a reggae song unintentionally. Mirrorism really finds its stride on "Night Flight": it's the sort of jittery, jerky tune The Ex specialized in, back in the early '80s. Complete with bursts of saxaphone. It wouldn't be out of place on one of those "New York Noise" compilations, maybe. The last third of the EP is the best: from "Night Flight" on, this EP transforms from lilting squawking to compelling post-punk psych that I wanna dance to.

If Mirrorism continues the rhythmic squall sound they've developed here, I expect good things from 'em in 2013. Check it out and buy the EP here.

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  1. Tapes are still available @ Bored Youth records.