Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Eve Mix:Twisting the night away...

Lookit those goofy honkies dancing...almost makes ya wanna cry.

Anyway, here's a party soundtrack for ya to have fun to...or whatever else it is you might be doing tonight.

Check it out here.

1. Don Thomas-Come on train
2. Marvelettes-I'll Keep Holding On
3. James Carr-Coming back to me Baby
4. Bobby Bland-Shoes
5. Art Wheeler-That's How Much I love you
6. The Organics-Footstompin'
7. Alemayehu Eshete  Hirut Beqele-Temeles
8. Mahmoud Ahmed-Gizie Degu Neger
9. Gnonnas PEdtro et sus Commandos-Dadje von on Von
10. Seyfu Yohannes-Mela Mela
11. William Onyeabor-Try and Try
12. Darrell Banks-Forgive Me
13. The Drifters-There Goes my Baby
14. Gngsgns-Wlkthnght

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