Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Drug Lust-Painkiller Blues b/w "Dusted" EP (2012)

Following up their January split with Ratface, Pittsburgh's Drug Lust continue their drug-addled punk bender on this three-song release.

"Painkiller Blues" is the the sparsest punk song I've heard in a long time. There's no overloaded distortion, no guitar track after guitar track to bury the rest of the band: just knuckledragging punk and a singer who effectively channels the spirit of Aaron from the Repos: a woundup, high pitch croak perfectly suited to the noise in the background. "Dusted" is more of the same, with even more basic instrumentation. "Gonna have to fight" is, of course, an SOA cover. Honestly, I like the 86 Mentality rendition, but this one adds a weird, drugged out vibe completely missing from the original that makes it worth spinning several times just to get yr bearings.

Download it here; try to find physical copies via bandcamp, here.

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  1. you can buy the tape here