Sunday, January 8, 2012

Druglust/Ratface split CS (2011)

Yet another heaping dose of ugly East Coast punk...
....this time from Pittsburgh. Drug Lust plays barebones, downtuned, raw punk: sorta like a caveman howling down a cavern on a particularly gusty, torrential day. The recording's a bit muddy-I think this is a live set-but the essence is audible: squalling, trashed punk with a snarling frontman.

Ratface goes for a more propulsive hardcore sound. They've been called "Pittsburgh's Anti-Cimex," which isn't far off the mark: heavy guitars, d-beat pummeling, and a singer who sounds like he's snarling in a wind tunnel. No doubt snarling of war, atrocities, and general human decrepitude. They sorta remind me of Born/Dead's later work.

Victim of a bombraid. I think the tape is out of print, but you can find a copy of Ratface's "Cursed by the State" cassette here. Will post a link for the bands and/or how to get a copy of the tape when I get more info.

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  1. im friends with some dudes in both of these bands. great split! if you want some more ratface or drug lust email me at gnarly.dude666(at)yahoo(.com)

    i also run a music blog with pitt bands called and have a tape label called Rat Tail Horde.

    Also, i really like your blog. you have some awesome posts on here!

    later on. keep posting