Thursday, January 5, 2012

Ramlord/Condensed Flesh split CS (2011)

I figured that it's ppropriate to start the new year on Drug Punk with a little heavy-hitting sludge from the bleak wastes of New Hampshire. Ramlord and Condensed Flesh turn in the sort of bludgeoning, melodic doom/crust that all the kiddies were trying to play back in the early '00s: Tragedy, call your office. Then the hipsters picked up on it, sometime 'round 2006, and everything went (even more so) to shit.

Most bands in this genre put me to sleep at an alarming clip, but I threw this on in the hopes of working through a nasty hangover and cold the other day, and, while it didn't dissipate said maladies, I'm still spinning it.

Ramlord and CF go straight for the throat with brooding, savage, heavy hardcore a la Artimus Pyle. Ramlord sounds more versatile than Condensed Flesh-the first track, "Restrained," is probably my fave: the fast-slow dynamic works well, and the ghoulish barking doesn't sound cheesy.

Condensed Flesh is harder to get a feel for, mostly 'cause their side is a live mix: the tape hiss is like a fourth instrument. From what I make out, they're doing the From Ashes Rise/Tragedy/et. al. thing: I'd like to catch 'em live.

You're next!

As far as I know, the tape is still available from Stimulation Addict Records, check it out! Ramlord lives here, Condensed Flesh here.

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  1. Thanks for the kind words. Our (Condensed Flesh) side came out like horrid dog shit. At least you could discern a little bit. I think this file might be a bit crisper if anyone is interested, it might be the same but give it a shot if your interested.