Monday, January 16, 2012

Stable Boys-This is "2 Songs" CS (2011)

Stable Boys delivers two extended tracks of delightfully ramshackle garage punk on this cassette.

Both song titles ("Dioenning It" and "schwartz illustrated! 666") are rather mysterious, and whatever these dudes are howling about is artfully hidden behind a scree of distortion and thunderous drumming. "Dioenning It" is fairly straightforward garage punk: semi-melodic guitar leads, time-keeping rhythm section, semi-harmonized howls acting as a fourth instrument.
"Schwartz illustrated! 666" gets a bit weirder. It sorta has a screamo structure, but garage content, if that makes any sense: off-putting instrumental sections, yowling yowls, a plodding bridge, and an extended instrumental conclusion that sorta drifts off into feedback ether.

I don't know too much about this band, but this cassette has me intrigued enough to check out the physical copy, which you should do too-you can buy it from Ranch Records, here. Or check it out online at their bandcamp page. Stay tuned for a review of their 7" EP.

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