Friday, December 28, 2012

Best of 2012 Mix it Up: Another Year-End Mix

Yup, it is whatcha think it is. My end of the year favorite tunes (although it doesn't include "Myth" by Beach House-Bruce Pavitt would prolly sue me). All of the bands and artists featured on this mixtape are well worth supporting. I've reviewed most of the albums these tunes were released on; check 'em out, and throw some money their way. Rock 'n' roll, lettin' it blurt, like Lester said.

Listen to it, kiddies 'n' ponx.

1. The Men-Turn it Around
2. Wild Moth-Morning Sickness
3. Broken Water-Yanka Dyagileva
4. Crazy Spirit-Crying Mother
5. Grass Widow-Spock on Muni
6. Useless Eaters-Addicted to the Blade
7. Piresian Beach-People Know Nothing
8. Teenagers-I want to Know
9. Crooked Bangs-Le Beau Tetard sur son Cigare
10. Merchandise-Time
11. Sonic Death-Pop
12. Kitchen's Floor-Down (alt. version)
13. Cavedweller-Poison II
14. Bitch Prefect-Guess the Person
15. Michael Wohl-Variations: Melatonin Blues/ Fever Dreams
16. Batu Kan Pesti Rakosa-Zenit

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