Monday, December 24, 2012

Antique Pony-Gay Ghosts CS (2012)

In my September review of these guys' debut EP, I noted that the production was a bit too mannered for the sort of noise skronk Antique Ponies traffic in. The Glaswegians took the gloves off for their sophomore effort, and it pays off big time. The opener, "Halloween" sets you up for a record of nice acoustic songs that mighta been recorded in Olympia for K Records 'round 1988. But it's a red herring, 'cause what you get is a tape's worth of ugly, contorted noise made by up and coming Scots who have a lot of bile left in 'em, I'm guessing. Spew forth, boys.

"Sitting in Steven's room listening to drone tapes" is a lumbering, stupidly direct piece of noise slop centered on a fight between the guitarist and drummer. It's the work of a band that just started listening to the Swans, and who do a good job of paying homage to them. "Dying in a flower bed" grabs your attention with its instrumentation: the guitar has an eerie, noirish quality that sucks you in and the mix of trashy drumming and whisper-snarled vocals is just right. The closer, "Manifold Twin," steals the show with a colossal drumbeat, spastic singing and cleverly braindead guitar.

Antique Pony has found their sound on this EP, methinks. Them and Toxic Parents are two of the best band playing in this genre these days; expect good things from both in 2013.

Listen to the tape here. You can buy a physical copy here. Hurry up, they only made 50 copies and handpainted each one-very nice touch.

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