Friday, February 15, 2013

Bad Indians-Are On the Other Side LP (2013)

My best guess is that the other side referred to in the title is the other side of an 8-day acid-and-speed trip, 'cause Bad Indians display all the focused psychosis of the above allusion on their debut LP.

Granted, they rehash the songs from their 2012 debut EP, "The Path Home," which threw me for a loop-how hard is it to write new garage psych songs, seriously?-but they fit the pattern so well that I forgive 'em for it. If you dug that debut EP, you'll dig the LP. Bad Indians develops nothing surprising but digs deeper into the big-beat-meets-fucked-psych-vibes sound they perfected on the EP. I keep wanting to say that this is something hippies would like, but then again, I live with a hippy (long story), and she would HATE THIS. That's an endorsement if you couldn't tell, you putz.

Whatever, point is, if you enjoy loud, obvious, heavily mediated psych-rock that sounds like it was made in 1966 but on better equipment, you'll like this. Bad Indians continue to thrive off the shared male (loud, howling, idiotically endearing) and female (coy, clever, throwaway-lazy) vocals. Present throughout are the big beat and occasional organ vamps that bewitched me with "Path Home."

You can listen to the whole thing over at CQ Records. Then BUY IT from the same good folks.

[yeah I know I've been out of the loop for awhile, shit is real here at DrugPunk headquarters, y'dig? No? Whatever.]

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