Monday, February 18, 2013

Flesh Lite-demo CS (2013)

It's a safe bet that the Flesh Lite guys spend a lot of time doing bong rips and throwing beer cans at each other in someone's parents' basement in suburban Winnipeg. While blasting "Bleach" and Big Black at unhealthy volumes. Their demo finds Flesh Lite deploying the full panoply of blunt instruments to clobber the listener into numb acquiescence: bricks, clubs, baseball bats, even mattocks!

"Bed Bore" is a slow-building wrecker that just gurgles a savage, shaggy riff over and over again as the singer, Bret, gurgle-burbles something that may or may not be English. "Phlegm" falls somewhere between Nirvana's sludgiest efforts and outright noise: if I was a Hessian I could totally headbang to this tune, but it's a bit too clever in a knuckle-dragging sorta way to be anything truly metal(lic). Mid-way through, a stray note of clean guitar wafts out from under the resin-encrusted wreckage, only to quickly submerge in a shower of distortion. "Fresh Baggage" strays dangerously close to "well-written song" territory, but veers away again for more burbleburblepisshiss crunching noise. I spent a lot of my youth drinking bad beer and listening to Nirvana, and if that activity is part of your past, present, or sounds like a fun idea, you'll probably dig Flesh Lite.

Get into these neanderthals here.

*p.s.-I've been told that there's at least one straight edge member of Flesh Lite, so apparently pepsi cans are involved in the can-throwing contest. Regardless, these guys are fun as hell.*


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  2. you get some funny spam comments! anyway - fleshlite sounding great too - man, too much great music everywhere!