Thursday, June 6, 2013

Cruelster-demo CS (2012)

There's not much to say about this cassette, but it's all positive. The songs are laughably crude, and as so often with punk, that's a good thing. This sounds like 3 or 4 teenagers in a basement in the middle of nowhere playing what they think punk is supposed to sound like, with more enthusiasm than skill, and it's great. What it doesn't sound like is a bunch of nerds precisely combining different elements of [insert big-time punk band here] in order to get on the Chaos in Tejas bill.

Of course, I know nothing about Cruelster, but that's the image I'm goin' with. The guitar parts sound like they were cut and pasted together with the singer shout-singing over the bludgeoning rhythm section. It's the first punk tape I've heard in awhile that makes me wanna throw beer bottles at passing strangers and pick fights with my room mates. Especially with "Crisis in local government," which could very well be the best piss-take on UK Oi! I've heard in years.

So go get fucked to the mellifluous sound of Cruelster!

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