Saturday, June 15, 2013

Ruptures-Deca LP (2013)

*Disclaimer: If you're 20 or younger, you're probably going to be pissed off by this review and condemn me for sneering at original young talent. Thus, ignore this and just check out Rupture's bandcamp page.*

Despite my better judgment, and every adult bone in my body (yes, there are some), this is a fun listen. If you're in your mid-20s, consider yourself an ex-punk, yet still love getting drunk to aural ignorance like American Nightmare, you know what I mean. Somewhere around 21, healthy people are supposed to outgrow the sort of bratty, immature noise represented by Ruptures. Healthy is the last adjective anyone would use to describe me or my dirtbag friends, though. Speaking of immature, Ruptures even includes the sort of instrumental bridge ("Rice") that Bane used to good effect on It All Comes Down to This. There's something about snippets of acoustic guitar that add more dignity to hardcore records than they otherwise would (should) have.

I was getting blackout drunk with a friend awhile ago and he was bemoaning the lack of top notch ignorant HC these days. He's right. Most bands are so fixated on sounding like [fill in the blank of a DC/Swedish/Japanese/Italian/LA band ca. 1982 here] that they forgot that half the fun of hardcore is just turning the distortion up to 10 and going berserk in a puerile sorta way. Ruptures proves him wrong, however. If I didn't have braces and glasses, this is the sort of music I would crowdsurf to. Heavy, heavy, heavy guitar, frenetic drumming that hammers and hammers and hammers away at you, a screeching/yowling/dyspeptic singer and breakdowns so fucking colossal they might be part of the Great Wall of China. And the's damn near suffocating. Anyone as hopeless as Ruptures insists they are on "Lack" wouldn't be nearly as passionate as they are.

Whatever, though-sincerity is a vice of youth, and this is a genuinely fun hardcore album in an age I assumed was inimical to such a thing. It all comes down to this!

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