Thursday, September 12, 2013

Death Evocation-s/t 7" EP (2011)

This one's a bit of a throwaway post, but that's not to disparage Death Evocation. Personally I can't stand most metal-between the Nazi undertones of a large part of contemporary Black Metal and the overall macho wankery of the genre as a whole, there ain't much goin' on with metal power.

Death Evocation, however, delivers the goods. Those goods consist of colossal, wailing, [fill in the blank hyperbolic adjective ehre] guitar blitzkrieg,a  pummeling rhythm section, and a singer who just barely manages to stay within range of the rest of the band.

These three tracks are suitable for doing activities that make you angry, feel powerful, and/or outraged at [fill in the blank injustice here: war, the NSA, Obama, Asad, whateverthefuckthisismetalwhogivesashitreally].

YOU CAN'T COPE. Death Evocation seems to be one of those "mysterious" bands with no internet presence, so I can only recommend that, if you're interested in buying this record, go find the nearest junky crustpunk nodding out in a gutter, and offer him $10 and/or a bag of heroin in exhange for his/her copy.

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