Thursday, September 26, 2013

Nnevtelga-s/t CS (2013)

Apparently weirdos do indeed live in a city overflowing with technocrats and bankers. Brussells' Nnevtelga (say that five times fast!) warps and woofs layers of sonic brutality around your austerity-weary mind on their debut. These Flemings traffick in a nasty brew falling somewhere between ambient drone and noisecore, with a dash of the Swans thrown in for good measure.

Monotony is an essential part of much noise, but Nnevteiga's controlled use of rhythm & guitar breaks up the glacial slide of synthshittery. The first five tracks are straightfoward beat-noise-beat-noise nastiness, but "Soko Inede" shows how dynamic the band is. It's nothing but a propulsive beat and a repeated vocal line, but damn is it catchy, in an abrasive sort of way: throwing this on at a shitty '80s dance party would totally clear the floor, allowing you to dance alone while huffing up the blow left behind by irate revelers.

The second half of the LP finds the band walking this same delicate line between "fuck-you-listener" and "nah we're really just a noise band": just when you want them to settle down into sadism they drop another disturbingly punchy bit in. It's really quite catchy in its own perverse way, especially "tshlobl:" imagine a zombie on Xanax singing for the Vyllies.

Check out this piece of Flemish fuckery here. Then, go buy a cassette copy from Tendresse Records!

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