Saturday, February 1, 2014

Vagabonding (not slacking off)

An unforeseen series of fortuitous events led me upcountry to Italy's Wild East (and a great trip it was, thanks in part to the potent local liquors and the raucous natives), hence the lack of recent posts. I'll get back to regular reviews soon. In the meantime I'm putting another temporary freeze on new submissions. This is because I received about 20 review requests in the past week alone, on top of what has piled up since the new year, leaving me with around 30-odd records to get through. I'm gonna try to review everything that crosses my desk this year, but that means drastically paring down the amount of material I collect for review.

In 2014 I'd also like to incorporate more interviews and scene reports into the blog's usual repertoire of spiteful reviews, drunken mixes, and periodic ramblings about politics and such. One of the main goals of Drug Punk has always been to draw attention to neglected or little-known scenes, bands, and collectivities of weirdos. Maybe something like the scene reports in MRR, maybe something more informal like interviews with bands you think exemplify your local scene. Think you can write? Think your town's got the hot new noise for this baleful year of our lord? Got an amazing band no one's heard of but who should be interviewed? Get in touch, especially if you feel like writing about it yourself. I'm happy to post interviews and such in foreign languages.

Anyway, rambling aside, just wanted to thank everyone who's been reading Drug Punk since I started this thing back in 2011. Who would have thought I'd be around this long? Certainly not I. Like Ray Davies said back in the '70s, there's misfits everywhere and it's good to know that some of us are on the same page as far as obsessions, loves, hatreds, and other unhealthy passions go.

I'm gonna head off for a beer and a shower; in the meantime, enjoy one of my new favorite bands, The Chills, doing their knock-down-smash-it-up classic, "Pink Frost":

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  1. Hey I'd like to do some writing about the Eugene/Portland/Seattle area. I spent a few years in and just out of high school parading my garage band through the area and realized how shitty the public persona of my area, specifically Portland, has become. I'm at school but I'll return to Portland in the summer and I'd love to help out with some interviews and such at the point.
    Let me know how I can help, I'll be working on my own blog that I started yesterday at least until summer.