Friday, January 31, 2014

His & Hers-The Worst People I Know EP (2014)

This EP confused and confuddled me upon first listen, and it wasn't 'cause I drank 5 beers beforehand (I did). What other adjective can you use for a band whose sound veers wildly between the call-and-response vocal chants of the Mekons and the contorted introspection of Mineral?

Bristol's His & Hers offers us five tracks of brooding, shouting, thrashing, sometimes-hollered post punk in the most not-Gang-of-4 way possible. There are tempo changes and jerky guitars, but the shouted spurts of emotion are too warm for this to be sheer derivation.

I'm pretty sure that as an amateur critic and professional jerk I'm supposed to hate this kinda music but it's actually kinda good. His & Hers have a knack for catchy blasts of feeling that almost make yours truly wish he was an 18-year-old fan of Ihatemyself again. It's chaotic without being ill-conceived, clever without being cute, and some of the hooks make you wanna pay 3 pound for it (I don't know what that converts to in dollars but given how fuckin' expensive London is for us Yanks probably like $5,000).
 Fuck your feelings here.

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