Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Big Air-Buds CS (2014)

I was gonna review the new(ish) Cuntz LP, but then I drank a few beers and ate a pizza so I no longer feel like human garbage. Now I just feel sorta sedate and out of it. So instead I'm reviewing this EP by Charlottesville, Virginia's answer to the '90s revival currently sweeping the nation.

Continuing my ongoing spiel about how fuckers need to clean a little bit of the goop out of their bandcamp programs, Big Air got my attention 'cause their guitar riffs are crystalline clear. Hell, even the drums are mixed clearly! Mirabile dictu! And guess what, some of those riffs and beats are fun! Like making out in your parents' car and it's 1993 and we're all gonna have jobs when we graduate college fun! Like Kurt Cobain ain't dead yet fun! Like being mopey and sorta stoned fun! Like, Big Air isn't a pain in the ass like most music today fun!

But I digress. "Laughing in the Sand" is probably the best tune here. It's a raveup in the best garage band tradition: bouncy, basic guitar and drumming, and neatly spliced and segmented song sections. "Out of this World," though, is the bee's knees as far as melodramatic teen angst goes: I think the next time I pick a fight with a girlfriend or good friend on a roadtrip I'm gonna put this one on as the camera cuts to a montage scene.

Altogether, this EP is a funny, and fun, take on power pop as filtered through smalltown mopery: Big Air is sorta cutsey, but they can still write throwaway gems. They're apparently opening for The Men now (or were, or something); hopefully they won't start taking themselves too seriously, like The Men do, and start writing bullshit conceptual albums that are too busy reviewing the entire history of DIY Americana to just have fun of a flannel-clad sort.

Physical copies of the tape drop on February 4th. Check out Big Air if they're touring through yr pissant burg, or listen to them for yourself HERE!

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