Friday, January 10, 2014

The Lorettas-Fuck the Lorettas EP (2014)

What comes to mind when you think of Canada? Probably empty spaces, hockey, beer, and the COLD. They're wallowing through  a "polar vortex" right now, whatever that is. This is the perfect climate for claustrophobic, raging garage punk, and Winnipeg's The Lorettas are here to meet your deeply felt desire for icy anger.

As with most records that stumble across my desk, production values are non-existent: this is nothing but single-track guitar riffing and neanderthal paintbucket banging. And it works. "Teenage Hell" flies by in a guitar whirr as Erica belts out tales of, I think, teenage hell. She sounds exactly like one of Mika Miko's singers, and her vocals give the EP a delightful edge of spiteful brattiness that set it apart. Dick Dale they ain't, but The Lorettas almost pull off a sweet surf riff on "I'm so Done." Same deal with "Blue Ribbon Blues." Altogether, the EP sounds like a 16-year old's shouted retort to her parents, after they grounded her for the week: rage all you want, nuthin's gonna get better, but man does this EP shred, as sheets of ice descend from Hudson Bay.

Check out the EP, then PAY FOR IT, HERE. 

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