Saturday, January 11, 2014

Filipina Bitch-A EP (2014)

On their debut EP, Chileans Filipina Bitch (I'm assuming they're from Santiago but dunno for sure) present three songs of long-form, somber rock easily mistaken for another derivative of mid-90s crap like, uh, Pearl Jam. But several listens in, FB has won me over, provisionally. Like, this is the sort of band you could lurch drunkenly in place to while they rock out on stage, that sort of band.

What does that mean? A sputtering rhythm section, tenderly aloof vocals, and the loud-soft dynamic pioneered by the Wipers but ridden to chart-busting success by one Kurt Cobain. "Hambre en el cemeterio" is a slow-burner ballad sure to be popular among kids making out and touching each others' genitals for the first time. "Silent Violence" is the best song here: it's a squalling, plodding piece of five-minutes-plus hard rock that not only holds your attention but makes you wanna headbang.

Don't take my word for it, though, because you can download the EP for free and then (maybe)buy it, care of Ciudad Bombardeada Records.

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