Thursday, January 9, 2014

Eyes on U-My Eyes on U EP (2014)

A new year, and new synth crudity from Budapest. Eyes on [Yo]U's bandcamp tagline is "moody suffering on cheap synthesizers," and that adequately summarizes the situation here. This is one of those EPs where most people's first reaction is gonna be, "hell I could do that on my Icrap." But you didn't, did you? No. So shut up.

Anyway, these song aren't exactly internally dynamic internally. That's either a result of the cheap equipment or of underdeveloped ideas, I dunno which. They're fun, though, and they don't all sound the same despite the severe audio and instrumental limitations. "I don't care" is synth by numbers, but  "Horror Vacui" is what I'd imagine the Vyllies might sound like, without the big budget production and backing chorus. menacing guitar reverb, a clanging beat, and the singer melodramatically intoning in the background.

"Alright" veers into fuzz-punk: there's even a slight variation in the vocal pitch on the choruses! Woah! The production got cleaned up considerably for "Pseudo Love Song, so spin it on your next date night, if you're into that sort of thing.  But the best song here is the last-"That's Why" is damn near anthemic, and that's why I'm ending my review by mentioning it. The guitar riff is laughably crude and is also fantastic.

In sum, Eyes on U is pretty good and they'll probably be releasing more basic, enjoyable dirt pop in the coming year. You can download the EP for free, HERE.

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