Thursday, May 1, 2014

Happy May Day!

As many of you know, today's May Day, otherwise known as International Workers' Day. Here's a mix to mark the occasion; it's a combination of Italian partisan songs and leftist anthems from around the world (including Leadbelly's contribution to the anti-fascist cause, "Mr. Hitler"). The picture to the left is of Communist partisans during World War II, from L'Unita', the Italian CP's newspaper. Enjoy (or not)! I pulled a lot of these tracks off youtube, so forgive me for not having an artist designation. Do the research yourself if it bothers ya.....

*EDIT, 5.24.14: I re'up'd the file, it should work now. Get it here !*

...and the last fight let us face....

1. The Ex-No Pasaran
2. Bandiera Rossa (pre-1922 anthem of the Italian Socialist Party, and covered by Angelic Upstarts, among others)
3. Bella Ciao (unofficial anthem of the Italian partisans during World War II)
4. Fischia il vento (another partisan song)
5. Per i morti di Reggio Emilia (commemorates a massacre carried out by the Nazis during the occupation of Italy, in retaliation for partisan attacks on Nazi & Fascist troops)
6. Paolo Pietrangeli-Contessa (see below for a video)
7. Joe Fallisi-Ballata dell'anarchico Pinelli (commemorates an Anarchist train worker framed by the police for a bombing carried out by Fascists in 1969, and suicided by the police)
8. L'Internazionle (Do I really need to explain this one?)
9. Chumbawumba-The Chartist Anthem (the Chartists were a radical democratic English group in the first half of the 19th century)
10. La ballata di Franco Seratini (Seratini was another Italian anarchist murdered by the police, in the early 1970s)
11. Come out and Fight (traditional anti-British/Black & Tans song)
12. Leadbelly-Mr. Hitler
13. Pete Seeger-Solidarity Forever
14. Woody Guthrie-I Ain't Got No Home
15. Rino Gaetano-Nun te reggae piu' (Communist beach music, try it!)


  1. sorry, but more than half of the files are damaged and can't be extracted. otherwise, good comp!

  2. @ Lokalpatriot: Sorry about that. I just re-loaded the file on Zippyshare, and it should work now. Let me know if it still doesn't.