Saturday, May 17, 2014

Ski Patrol-"Extinguish" Remix (1980s/2014)

I just read Simon Reynolds' Rip it up and start again, a history of British post-punk from 1978-1984. Through Reynolds' coy, slightly overwrought prose, it's clear that the UK spawned hundreds, if not thousands, of weird, resolutely avant-garde bands during the period. Ski Patrol is a good example of the sound and scene: dark, elliptical, and fixated on pushing the boundaries of rock-by-the-book. Borrowing heavily from the echo-space of dub, this track is a sprawling shower of guitar reverb and synth gloom. As the rest of the band drops in and out, the singer intones about, uh, some sort of apocalyptic scenario. Ski Patrol is, of course, noisier than their Rasta bred'ren, as were most white post-punk groups.

In any case, if you've played your Bauhaus records to death and need something new in the eerie-and-melancholic department, check out Ski Patrol. You can check it out on Soundcloud, and get physical copies of Ski Patrol's collected, re-mastered discography on Dark Entries Records.

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  1. Reynolds' writing certainly embodies many of the worst traits of Brit music journalism, but his story does drive home the point that Red British post-punk was Red (not to mention deeply indebted to the American Rust Belt corridor of Cleveland and Akron).