Friday, May 18, 2012

Wild Moth-s/t 10" (2012)

Wild Moth is a new band from San Francisco that plays contorted, bummed out pop suitable for dark days and darker nights stewing in your own misery, often self-induced.

The instruments fight for space in the mix, until spilling over into crescendoes of howling guitar and stuttering drum fills, while the singer howls in the background. He sounds like he's having an argument with someone in the other room, who we can't hear. The mix is muddy (deliberately, I think), with the instruments sorta melting together during the choruses. "Morning Sickness" is one of my favorite guitar songs of 2012, so far. "Guilt" almost veers into stoner metal territory, with a plodding rhythm section and heavily downed out guitar sludge: the core of the album sequentially, it also plumbs the depths of squalid 20-something angst with aplomb. I have a skullcrushing, beer-induced headache as I write this, and it sounds like the violent apathy swirling around my brain.

You can download the EP here. Then, be a standup gent and/or lady and buy it from Suitors Club Records, here!

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