Monday, May 14, 2012

A Part-Iranyitott Lovedek EP (2012)

Budapest's A Part [sorry for the lack of macrons, blogger doesn't let me input  diacritical marks] specializes in the doom 'n' gloom, bass-heavy glum rock that's real good for dancing and/or crying yourself to sleep to.

The drums anchor A Part's bass-heavy sound, with scratchy guitar lines sprinkling themselves around and about the rhythm secton, like so much broken glass in the night. The sound is particular effective on "Dobjatok Le!", the opener, equal parts Leeds Class of '79 dance punk and goth'd-out, church bells 'n' black rain coats glumcore.

"Interlude (Uzenet FEntrol)" reminds me of little-known Greek band Ora Miden, as far as song structure goes: the band uses drop out effectively, with a limping beat punctuated by throw-away guitar fuzz, and the singer mumbling, either apathetically or in a drugged fog, take yr pick.

The title track brings it all together with swirling guitars and despondent vocals. The band deliberately takes the song apart midway through and reassembles it into desultory, chiming white noise.

You'll probably dig this band if, like this author, you spent significant parts of your youth listening to Joy Division in an apathetic mire, interspersed with dancing to Gang of Four when you could find uppers.

Download the EP here. Last year's LP, also available for download, is quite good. Check out the video for one of their other songs-it has some sweet natural disaster footage!:

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