Monday, August 29, 2011

Ora Miden-Demo CS (1988)

This is easily the most exciting demo I've heard recently and, go figure, it was recorded over twenty years ago by a band that released only this cassette and one EP, "Mona Lisa."

Oρα Μηδέν*, "see nothing/see zero", easily puts most late-80s punk to shame (YoT, this means you). I was hesitant when I first heard the ska guitar arrangements, especially on "Το Καλοkαιρη," but ska this ain't, and the band's unique
take on glum rock quickly grew on me.
Oρα Μηδέν were remarkably talented at creating an atmosphere of anxiety, especially on "Κόλαση" and "Πιρελλη Ελλάς Α.Ε." On "Κόλαση," "Hell," a swelling bassline and drums usher in the singer's sonorous hum, broken by sparkles of guitar strewn across the beat, which quickly switches back into a churning, anxious cycle. "Πιρελλη" comes close to industrial noise, with its chugging drumbeat and scratchy, reiterated guitar note. It's suffocating, and for the whole track you're just waiting for an explosion- it never comes. The gorgeous, mournful guitar lick opening "Αφιέρωση"alone makes the demo noteworthy. 
 Ώρα Μηδέν produced one helluva demo, and it's a fucking shame they only recorded one more 7". On the strength of this demo alone I'll put them up against any of your deathrock idols. Do yourself a favor and download this.

A fascist regime! // Κατεβάζω Ευχαριστώ πόλη /thank you very much to the guy at Social Subproducts blog for putting me onto this band. Check out that blog and this for some great Greek punk. 
*Thanks a lot for the correction on the band's name and translation! The demo didn't come with a picture, so I provided my own of Athenian graffitti. It reads "Class hatred." *

*EDIT, 9.8.12: Reupped the file. Get it HERE.*

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