Sunday, August 7, 2011

Monogamy-Posture Smiles Upon You (2011)

Since the advent of the internet, everyone's been talkin' tall shit about overconnectivity, there's no new ideas 'cause we steal 'em from the interweb, blahblahblah. Well, lemme tell ya: isolation fucking sucks. It leads to all sorts of neuroses and it's not something to fetishize.

Enter Monogamy, a one-person project outta whereverthefuck Michigan. The recording is monotone, and dude's deliberately skewed warble prevents you from understanding him, but what kinda dumbass looks for texture and baroque vocalizing from bedroom music? My fave track on here is "She's Wierded Out" [sic]-it has a mean, urgent guitar note that counterpoints the relentless drum machine nicely. If this was recorded in the '70s, I'd say it was the product of a kid freaking out on Lester Bangs, Ziggy Stardust, and too many Quaaludes; as it is, I'm looking forward to what dude produces next.

We mean it, man! You can buy the physical product from the Rok Lok Rex distro; dude also has a website. Rad, man!

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