Monday, August 1, 2011

The Repos-S/T LP (2003[?])

Ok, somehow I weaseled my way into a Bologna hotel that's fancy enough to play wanky early-90's Paula Abdul-soundin' R&B lite (gimme Little Richard, mofo!).

It's weird pretending to be a fancyschmancy adult, lemme tell ya-a feeling I'd imagine the Repos know quite well. This band was like someone giving a speech s/he doesn't believe in and-trying to look very serious about it, but can barely keep from cracking up and laughing at themselves. "Look, we're in a hardcore band in 2003! We release records on a label run by an asshole! The joke's on you...and us! Ha! Gimme a beah!

and our figurehead...  This is a Youth Attack! release. Surrender all hope of paying less than what Mark McCoy's farts go for on EBay to get it. So go buy something from THE ROPES. N'duh.

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