Sunday, July 31, 2011

Arctic Flowers/Spectres split 7" (2010)

I don't listen to much anarchopunk these days. I like the politics, I like the music, but I fucking hate the scene. Living in Portland on and off for two years, being surrounded by black-clad trolls whose politics didn't really extend beyond yelling at people for eating meat, was almost enough to shift me to the Special Duties end of the Crass/Special Duties split(almost).

So I'm pretty out of the loop on the Northwest anarky scene that spawned this 7". Both bands have been around for awhile, though, and this is an enjoyable two-song split. Arctic Flowers goes in for bass-driven punk with somber, lecture-style vocals; Spectres moves more toward the glam rock end of the glam-rock/post-punk hybrid they've been mining every time I hear them. Crank it up and hum along and feel self-righteous if your Sunday is as grey as mine has been. not what she seems!  Charged/Distorted Rex only pressed 500 copies, so the split's disappeared into the hands of EBay trolls by now, I'm sure. Neither band gets out of the Northwest much, I think, but peeps 'em if you're in my neck 'o' the woods!

*EDIT, 1.6.14: I re-up'd the file, get it HERE.*

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