Monday, July 18, 2011

Grass Widow-Grass Widow EP (2009)

This Bay Area trio got real hip real quick couple two-tree years ago, but I'm always behind on this sorta thing-I think I had an important date with Mickey's or summin'. If you ask me they well withstand the hype.
   A lot of people compare them to the Raincoats, but this is true mostly in the limited sense that no instrument dominates; I don't think it's possible to "sound like" the Raincoats. The guitar is usually surfin', but in a charmingly understated way. But the real center of Grass Widow, as many reviews have noted, is the vocal interplay: especially on "Thirsty Again," the instruments simply frame the understated majesty of the voices. "Tattoo," with its attention-grabbing opening drum roll, is probably my favorite.

We're the future. This should still be available from Captured Tracks. Check out Grass Widow's site for news and their new EP. The lastfm page tells me that they're playing Detroit in September, with two of my favorite bands: Pink Reason(!) and The Raincoats(!) This is probably the only thing that could ever get me to that godforsaken town, and I hope to see you there too.

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