Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Rational Animals-Bock Rock Parade LP (2011)

Ok kiddies, dis is deh real deal, y'dig? Ya gotcher Sabbaths, black or otherwise, and yer Bloo Oister Kults, but me, I prefer a bit of punk with my metal stonerfests. Rational Animals, Katorga Works' newest spawn, delivers the goods in short order. Not too fast, not too slow, these Animals straddle the delicate border between weirdo hardcore freakouts and heavy metal wankery.

   The singer sounds a lot like the dood from  Loose Dudes, and while Rat'l Animals' freaked out riffin' ain't close to the Dudes' Ramones-clone tunes, they conjure up the same vibe perfectly: it's July, you're already high, the liquor store doesn't open yet, so what do you do? Smoke more weed in your parents' basement. Duh. So do that, then hop on your skateboard with this bangin' in your walkman, and FREAK. OUT.

We're the poison in your human machine. Hop on over to Katorga Works and getcher hands on it. The Animals also have a facebook page. Is that enough hand-holding for ya?


  1. Saw them the other night, these guys are great

  2. Are they on tour? I'd love to see 'em live!

  3. seen 'em in Richmond Va tonight, they slayed it.... top notch. Picked up the lp, rockin' it while i type this.