Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Loose Dudes-Permanent Sex Vacation (2010)

 *Edit, 12.16.13: Re'up'd the file, get it HERE.*
Those of you who’ve spent time in my hometown Chicago's punk scene are surely familiar with the Lucky Gator Loft. I moved away from Da Mare’s (ex-)fiefdom before Loose Dudes got started, so I haven’t had the fortune of actually seeing them live, but they’re a quintessential Gator Loft band: it’s Friday night, your options are drinking yourself under the table at a hole in the wall or doing something interesting, so you choose a bit of the latter and a lot of the former. 
   That would mean stumble-slamming around the Loft (or some 18 year old’s basement) while ~5 bands bash out rudimentary garage punk: enter a drummer who’s the John Bonham of Tommy Ramone thudding, a guitarist who’s a past master at trebly guitar leads, a bassist who may or may not have bothered plugging in before downing a few Hydrocodone, and a singer who’s more interested in guzzling the Rebel Yell squirrelled away behind the amp than in actually hollering whatever pearls of wisdom accompany the cacophony. Anyway, Loose Dudes are your perfect soundtrack to said Friday night, or really any activity that involves screaming along to songs whose lyrics you don’t know while stealing someone else’s Icehouse.

In short: As a friend of mine said, wearing a Loose Dudes shirt totally woulda gotten you a date with Ben Weasel’s sister in 1995. 

If that sounds awesome to you, then chug some Old Style and FREAK OUT!

Brought to ya c/o Priority Male tapes. 
This EP's sold out, but be sure to scoop the Loose Dudes/Running split!