Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Kontaminat-Live, Albion House, 6-20-11

Straight from the slums of, I mean, Little's Kontaminat!
 It's a bit misleading to describe Kontaminat as a "new" band, since if you assembled these guys' collective "ex-member of" list you'd get the history of Chicago punk for the last 10+ years.
 The sound on these videos ain't very good (whattaya expect? It's camcorder footage of a basement punk show), but I'm diggin' what I'm hearin'-the first segment reminds me of the d-beat wallof ound perfected by Framtid, while the second segment is a bit closer to these doods' previous projects (although that may have something to do with where the two tapers were standing-I'm a punk, I dunno shit about acoustics). You be the judge.

 Reliable sources inform me that they're working on a demo, so stay tuned. Check out their website for upcoming shows, flyers, etc. Dd I mention that it's none than Mike Thrashberg    on vox? Oh. Yeah.

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