Monday, June 20, 2011

Sex/Vid-Nests (2009)

These'uns were the HC community's favored wank material a few years ago, and I remember, around 2008, wanting to hit the next person who told me that if I liked Void, I'd like Sex/Vid. This sort of reductive, "new product A sounds like old product B, and thus is approved listening in our cult-scene" mindrot is a disease all music fans are prone to, music writers in particular (myself included); perhaps it's unavoidable, but it's certainly undesirable and mentally deadening.

"Nests"' howling guitar riff quickly builds into a raging whirl, but then around thirty seconds, the momentum slams to a halt and morphs into a grinding dirge-then the riff jumps into hyperspeed, and throws you across the room, only to slow down again a few times. It's remarkable how well Sex/Vid uses the fast/slow dynamic to trick you out of complacent listening, and the song reminds me of PiL's "Memories", in its startling, effective change in tempo.
"Exorcism" is a bit more standard hardcore, but "Always Home" is a funereal spiral of tormented guitar, relentless drumming, and barked vocals. It's actually pretty close to a certain Ann Arbor band's song about the desire to be a canine, really.
Sex/Vid is one of maybe four punk bands (with Tragedy, Giant Haystacks, and Pink Reason) from the '00s whose music not only does not bore me years after first hearing them, but which actually rewards close, repeated listening.

Knock that fucker off the wall! then, check out this remarkably intelligent piece on Sex/Vid. The "Nests" EP is probably out of print, but write (yeah, write!) the folks at DOM and they might have copies left: Dom America, PO Box 2066, Olympia, WA 98507, USA

*EDIT, 9.20.12: Re'up'd the file, here. *

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  1. Sounds like Void was the 'tastes like chicken' of 2008. And, of course, never true. To me Sex/Vid sounded like a really fast noise rock band. So good - so missed!